Friday, October 8, 2010

Making Progress on the SavVy {Seasons} Swap

So my amazing partner isn't the only one who has been busy with the SavVy {Seasons} Swap. I actually have been getting things done, too. Last weekend while I was participating in our annual Family Olympics (I brought home two Golds and a Silver) I was also working on stuffing and stitching up some candy canes for my secret partner.


And I was up early this morning, thanks to some bad salmon, and since I couldn't sleep I decided to finish wrapping my presents for her. The ribbon will be trimmed up as soon as I finish this project.


The idea is to combine the candy canes with the presents to make a festive holiday garland. I am planning to string them together with some Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn to keep it natural and rustic.


I have changed my mind several times about my "big" project for her. I can't go into the particulars on why I have changed my mind just in case she reads this, but I think I finally settled on making her a table topper. I got inspired the other day and started working on it, improv style and it's starting to come together. But I guess I'm not 100% sold yet that she'll like the fabrics I'm putting together yet. So I stepped away and I am going to come back to it over the weekend and finish it up.


Lots of things happening, partner. I just hope you like everything!

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  1. Really fun stuff! I love your candy canes! Did you have a pattern? The tree is great in your block too. You are very talented.