Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

Tonight I'm participating in my very first Friday Night Sew-In.

Fridays are difficult for me. If I get out of the office at a decent time then I'm usually committed to doing something with my wonderful and amazing fiance since he doesn't get to see me much during the week. But tonight he's going out with his business partner to a concert and because of a miscommunication on my part they didn't get me a ticket so tonight I'm sewing in!

I have a bee block that should be simple but has proven to be a bit of a head scratcher. I need to rip out a couple seams and try it again. Then I have one more little extra that I would love to finish for my partner in the SavVy {Seasons} Swap. And I am planning to make a little headway on the quilt I am making this month for A Dozen Quilters.

The one thing I won't be doing tonight is dipping into this brand new pile of lovely fabric wonderfulness...


Natalie sent me a discount code the other week to save 25% on Innocent Crush, but my crush on this line is proving to be not so innocent. I couldn't resist. I bought half a yard of every fabric in the line. Eek! I think I went a little overboard! No plans for it quite yet, but I do have it stacked near my workspace so I can admire it as I sew.


  1. My first Friday Night Sew In too. Hope you had fun.

  2. lol my friend Rebecca bought a yard of everything with that code! I am glad you got a chance to use the discount!