Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Scrappy Trout Quilt Top

So I have slowly been starting to sew again. In fact, this past weekend I took four wonderful days and disappeared off the grid with a few friends so we could spend some quality time together and sew. I had two sewing goals for the weekend: Get caught up on Bee Blocks and finish my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt Top. I started my Scrappy Trout (nicknamed the Trout Quilt by my friend Melissa because the it reminded her of fish scales, which I thought was cool) quite a while ago intended for our couch, but when my husband saw it he really loved it and asked if we could put it on our bed. That meant I needed to make it larger. Then it got pushed to the side as my Spring and Summer started to turn our world upside down. The only sewing I have been able to do at all this entire Summer was commission work with deadlines. And that was quite a chore in my condition. 

Scrappy Trout Quilt Top

When I started to prep for our girls weekend I made a conscious decision to leave all my commission work at home. Let's just call that Work (capital 'W'), since I can't really go back to my real job right now so it's my only source of income at the moment. Instead I only projects I wanted to work (lowercase) on, meaning my Scrappy Trout, my Marathon Quilt, and some delayed bee blocks. 


The weekend was a complete success! I had lots of laughs, great times with my friends and I came home with an (almost) completed quilt top. I say almost, because, even though it's pretty much the perfect size for our King bed, I decided that I really want to add a solid border. I just love the way these quilts look with a sold border around them. I really think it takes the quilt to another level. So it's almost done. And I feel such a sense of accomplishment, especially since I haven't been able to sew much in the past several months. I can't wait to see this one completed!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where I've Been

I just returned home from a glorious weekend of sewing. It's more sewing than I've been able to do in months. And there have been some good reasons for that. In the Spring I started doing some commission work for Spring Market, which kept me busy but I wasn't able to share my projects here. Then shortly after, I jetted off to Europe for a month for a friend's wedding in Paris. My husband couldn't take a lot of time off work, so we spent ten days in Italy and a night in Amsterdam before he had to fly back home. Then I continued on to Paris, then London on my own before my journey ended. 


The whole time we were in Italy I was feeling sick and completely wiped out with exhaustion, which is odd. Well, we discovered in Rome that there was a reason for the way I was feeling. Which is also the reason I haven't been able to blog at all in the past few months. We're pregnant. And when I got home we got the next shocker. We're having twins. So I have been really sick for the past couple months and have not had the stamina or energy to sew anything but a few commission pieces. Finally the fog passed about two weeks ago so I am getting back into the groove, slowly. I plan to do as much sewing as I possibly can for the next few months, or until I get too big to reach the machine. I need to get it all in and fast, as our entire world is about to change. 


So I appreciate you sticking around while I was away! And I'm glad to be back. Now, it's back to sewing!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aack! I've been Hacked!

My custom domain name has been hacked... right on the heels of my plans to return to blogging (and explain my absence). While I get this issue resolved, I have converted back to using my original Blogger address and I'l officially claiming it on BlogLovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please redirect your feeds temporarily to: until it's fixed.

Have you missed me? Because I've missed you. But I have a couple good excuses for my absence, I swear.