Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scrappy Trout Along

Recently I had quite a lot of amazing crafty girl time. My friend Liz hosted some sewing at her place. And so did my friend Liberty. Then I also hosted a little stitchy slumber party at my house. Only one person actually spent the night, but most of us were up and sewing away until 2:30 in the morning. I used that opportunity to jump on the Scrappy Trip Along train that's been snaking it's way across Instagram. I've never participated in one of these online sew alongs before, though I've wanted to, but now that I have free time it seemed perfect. I blame it all on Ramona and Liberty. They made me do it!


I decided to go monochromatic with this one. I wanted to make it for our living room and have it big enough for my husband and I to cuddle up under it together. I considered making it purple since we have a large purple wall in the room. Orange was another color I considered to accent the orange chair that's a favorite of ours. Ultimately, I settled on my favorite neutral, gray. I thought it would be the perfect blender in the room and it could allow for pops of color to shine through in the prints used.


I knew my husband would love the scrappy style and Ramona convinced me that it could come together quickly. Who knew that the secret to this quilt was that it's actually strip pieced! Okay, so it took a little longer than I anticipated but I had the top pieced in less than a week. And it even was nicknamed the "Trout Quilt thanks to my friend Melissa. She said it reminded her of fish scales, which I think is kinda' cool!


But now I think I need to make it bigger. At first my husband thought it was too big. Right now it's measuring about 96"x72", but now he wants it for our bed, which is king sized. So that means I need more gray. He also went crazy for the text fabrics so I'm on a mission to find a few more gray tonal text fabrics because I want to push the scrappiness even farther. If you want to take the trip too you can find the tutorial here. Just beware, it's addicting!


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm a little jealous I don't live near enough to join your sewing slumber parties.

  2. Let me get this straight, your husband actually wants you to go fabric shopping? Run, run like the wind to the fabric shop. With his credit card... ;o)

  3. fun! I'm in the middle of a scrappy trip around the world too I've used left over binding strips, and oh boy! I have some UGLIES in there.... did you try to have the middle diagonal be a dark all the time or half and half?

  4. This looks really cool. The subtle gradations of greys with pops of orange and turquoise are very effective. When you mentioned text prints I remembered some I had recently seen online.
    Here are a few:


    1. Thanks Addie! Those texty fabrics are perfect. I need to order some now.

  5. Very nice the colorway..

  6. love the colors. did you find more text fabric? i started one of these with a valentines day theme... still waiting to finish it!