Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marathon Quilt: Month Eleven


Eleven months ago when I started on my Marathon Quilt I thought I would be a little further along than I am. But I'm not complaining. Well, maybe I was. I laid the project out this morning on top of our king sized bed to add some scope to the project and I was lamenting its current size in my head when my husband came in the room and commented that he couldn't believe how big it's grown since I started working on it last May. It's all about perspective. And I apologize for the crappy lighting. It's gloomy by the beach today.


I carry this project with me practically everywhere I go, just in case I find myself in a place with a little idle time on my hands. It's slow work. Methodical work. Most days I love the work. But I'll admit there are some days I would rather be working on something else. And I'm learning to listen to my instincts. This isn't a race. There is no deadline. It's just for me.


  1. I am so in love with and inspired by this one!

  2. Impressive! It is all done by hand, right?

  3. this is amazing! and beautiful! and is it all hand-sewing? not that I have that much free time, but I would love to see how you do this.

    1. Thank you Raquel! It is all completely done by hand that's why it's taking so long. I work on it on a lot of plane rides. I'll show you how I do it any time, just come on by the house.

  4. It will be epic! Just imagine our Quilt Sisters from long ago...all their quilts were hand-pieced and 'waited' for clothing scrapes to become available. And I complain of not enough room for my fabric sash. Shame on me.

  5. Simply stunning, I love this -- how much fabric did you start with if you dont mind me asking.. i'm thinking of starting one

  6. It's so pretty! I really love your fabrics. It would make me smile to pull this out for those moments of stitching. :)

  7. It's growing well! And loving your zippy pouch