Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Commissions and Some Chickens

The past few weeks have been so busy that I haven't really had any time to sew. But I did get a couple commissions. My friends just moved into a gorgeous new house on the Canals and they want me to re-upholster their patio furniture. I just got my shipment of Sunbrella fabric so now I just need to pick up some thread and zippers and I can get to work.


Another friend of mine wants me to make a scrappy table cloth for her mother-in-law-to-be as a thank you for the Engagement Party that she's throwing them. She and her fiance are going fabric shopping this weekend so I can get started on that one.

And we got our chickens!


They're actually quite fascinating and a lot more entertaining then we thought. They're about 10 weeks old so it will be another 2 months before they start laying eggs but I'm trying to get them socialized early so they get used to being handled. Ella is the black one. She's a Black Australorp and quite shy and submissive. Unfortunately it's clear that she's the lowest in the pecking order and the other two will step on her and she just takes it. Mercedes is the black and white one. She's a Barred Plymouth Rock and she's got a ton of personality and 'tude. Brooks is the blonde one and she's an Easter Egger, which is basically a mutt in the chicken world but the cool thing is she will lay either green or blue eggs while the others will lay brown ones. Brooks is super curious and follows me around when we let them out in the yard. Mercedes and Brooks are currently duking it out to rule the roost. Okay. I swear that's it with the chickens. Back to sewing now.


  1. green or blue?! how fascinating!! Poor little Ella. I hope Brooks and Mercedes give her a break!

  2. Your chickens are pretty! I hope you show us a picture of the green and blue eggs... :)

  3. My niece has chickens and her and her husband sit outside in their lawn at night and just watch the chickens. They say it's better than a sitcom!

  4. My mom raises chickens (including the blue egg variety) and it's THE BEST thing ever! There is nothing like fresh eggs-- you'll never eat store-bought again once you've had them. Can't wait to hear how you enjoy them!