Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Stitches Addendum

Stephanie had a great question regarding the Little Stitches Sew-Along. She wanted to know what project I'm working on this week. I debated putting this up. At first I was going to add my project for the week at the end of every post so people could choose to work on the same project as me if they wanted. At the last minute I opted out of adding that nugget. I guess so people could feel like they could work on any project in the book they wanted to not just the one I am working on. This remains true. Anyone wishing to join in the Sew-Along can show off any project their working on or have finished that week but for those of you who want to work on the same project I am so we can share if we're finding bumps in the road I'll give you a heads up of what I'm working on for the next week at the end of each Thursday post. So wanna know what I'm working on this week?


I'm working on the Changing Pad that can be found in Project K in the book. It's again for Kerry's miracle baby boy. Check back on Thursday to see my finish and link up your progress. Don't forget about the Flickr group where I'm creating topics specific to each project in case someone is struggling with a particular pattern it's a forum where you can get help from others and another place to show off your finishes.

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  1. I wish I had progress to show. I ordered my book online and it hasn't arrived yet, so I've not been able to start. I'm excited about making these projects, though, and hopefully I can have some done before this baby makes her appearance :) Is that diaper bag in the book?? I've been looking for a pattern I like....