Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swaps Galore

I know I am over committed, in fact Natalie and I were chatting about it just the other day. And I swear I am starting to scale back... a little. In fact I am not joining in on the current round of the Scrappy Pincushion Swap on Flickr just for that reason. But I couldn't help myself from joining in the Spicing Up The Kitchen Swap and the Urban Home Goods Swap. Seriously, how could I resist?

During the Fall I participated in the SavVy {Seasons} Swap and Darci made me an amazing table runner that adorned my Thanksgiving table. Seriously, she is so talented! So when Darci told me that she was organizing a new swap and invited me to join how could I resist? I love to cook, although I don't ever have enough time to because of my crazy work schedule. But I have all the bells and whistles and kitchen gadgets a girl could want. I'm always looking to dress up our kitchen and dining room so I made a mosaic to inspire my secret partner.

Spicing Up The Kitchen Swap Mosaic

I've also been having a ton of fun stalking my secret partner. (Insert evil laugh here!) And last night I had a strike of inspiration. I know exactly what I am going to make for my partner. Now that I know the "what" 'm starting to gather design inspiration. I'm thinking, linen, Echino, clean lines and a pop of color... I smell a trip to the new fabric store that opened on Tuesday in my weekend plans!

Then I cheated and made one mosaic to inspire each of my secret partners in the Make Mine Modern Swap and the Urban Home Goods Swap. I figured they were similar so I could get away with it!

Urban Home Goods & Make Mine Modern Swap Mosaic

I've also started stalking both of those partners too, but I am prioritizing each swap by due date to keep things organized and moving on schedule without getting overwhelmed. Although since a lot of people tend to join all three swaps I am stalking all three of my partners all over the place! It's a lot of information to keep straight, let me tell you! But me, the super organized producer type that I am, of course, has an electronic file for each person I am stalking on my computer. Boy, that sure does sound creepy doesn't it?! Watch out partners I've got my eye on all of you!

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  1. You'll have to let me know when these swaps come up -- I would love to join some but always seem to learn about them too late!