Friday, February 11, 2011

I Need Some Quilting Help


The other night I finally got around to making the quilt sandwich for Marc's Quilt. Unfortunately we don't have a large house so I had to move the dining room table over against the wall to create a space large enough to lay it out.


I know I bought way too much batting but my only choices were Queen or Craft size. There wasn't anything in between in stock. Oh well, I know the excess will be put to good use.


I won't say that making the quilt sandwich is my least favorite part of the quilting process but all that pining does get a little tedious, doesn't it?


So now that the quilt sandwich is made I am trying to figure out how I want to quilt it. What do you all think?


Option #1: I could simply quilt around the outline of larger circles.

Option #2: I could quilt concentric circles internally and outward of the fabric circles.

Option #3: I could stitch in the ditch around the actual blocks creating a linear square pattern.


I think I'm leaning toward Option #1 but I am definitely open to suggestions, so fire away. I do have another question, though... If I opt to quilt around the outline of the fabric circles should I do that with my Freemotion Foot or my Walking Foot? I don't want to screw this up since it's for my honey and it's also the largest quilt I've every attempted!

P.S. Don't forget to give me any questions you have for Jay McCarroll. I'll be interviewing him very soon!


  1. I think it would look nice to do spirals starting in the center of each circle to the edge and then free motion around the outside like this quilt:

  2. I always use the free motion foot when doing curves... otherwise you get little pointies no matter how hard you try. I would go with #2 personally. I like more quilting rather than less... it looks like you might have used cotton batting and as the quilt wears you might have a problem with the batting shifting if you don't quilt it at least 2 inches apart... come to think of it I don't know what size the circles are so... maybe one circle inside the circles and one outside would work.

  3. I did a circle quilt similar to this (it was Jaybird Quilts dot party pattern). Anyway, I did diagonal quilting across the dots and straight line on either side of the blocks. Here's a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.
    The loose quilting made it very snuggly and it now lives on my couch.
    If you go around the circles I would definitely free motion it. I tried to do the same thing with squares and rotating the quilt so much was impossible. I couldn't fit the whole bulk through my machine.

  4. If you do some sort of a fill in the brown areas, it will make the circles stand out and the brown recede. That would be fun, I think.

    But, if it's for a guy, straight lines would probably be awesome, too.

  5. I like option #2, although I'm not one to give out quilting advice. I almost never do the quilting myself . . .

  6. I agree with Tamera that FMQ around the circles would make them stand out a lot! And definitely use the embroidery foot rather than the even feed foot -turning the quilt around to go around those circles would drive you nuts!!

  7. Please take a look at Leah's blog
    to look for little videos and designs.
    I would take a design outside the circles which is completely different, so that the circles "grow" out of the design.
    Greetings from germany

  8. All my suggestions have been made already so I'll just say I think it looks great!