Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pay It Forward

Have you seen the "Pay It Forward" trend that's been sweeping through crafting circles for at least the past year? Well I was lucky enough to be the recipient of not one but TWO Pay It Forwards. A couple months back Cherie of Sew and So Quilts picked me and I am anxiously waiting to see what creation she makes me that will end up on my doorstep. That's part of the fun. The not knowing! The waiting! The anticipation!

Then just recently my very talented and amazing friend Carla posted a Pay It Forward on her Facebook page. Carla and I are old friends from college and she is a gifted crafter so how thrilled was I when these amazing handmade cards showed up in my mailbox the other day?!

I mean, could you just die. You seriously have got to check out her stuff. It's breathtaking!

So in the spirit of Paying It Forward now I am going to give three lucky readers a chance to play. And don't worry if you don't get picked this time around just know that there will be another chance coming up sometime... who knows when... but on that blessed day when Cherie's surprise lands on my doorstep.

So how do you Pay It Forward? The rules are simple... I have one year from this date to make something handmade for three lucky readers. Each in turn must commit to "Pay It Forward" to three people and so on and so on. You have one year to complete this challenge starting the day you receive your gift from me.

Do you want to join in the fun? It's simple. Just leave a comment on this blog post between now and 5 pm Pacific on Wednesday. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick three lucky winners from all the comments. If your name comes up then sometime within the next year I will make you a handmade gift. You won't know what or when but one day you'll open up your mailbox and there it will be. And on that day you'll spread the love and commit to Pay It Forward to three more lucky folks. Please, only one comment per person. International comments welcome. Good luck!


  1. I love PIFs I do them a lot in a other communities I am involved in... Have you ever done MAD Monday? Make a difference Monday... you do random acts of kindness like paying for the person behind you in the drive through. You should see the havoc it causes the drive through attendant :)

  2. I did this through Facebook (but with 5 instead of 3 people), but none of the commenters participated. :/ But I will, if I win this! ;]

  3. Oh, what a wonderful idea! I would love to take part in this...

  4. Fun! Would love to do it! : )