Monday, February 7, 2011

My First LAMQG Meeting

Tonight I finally made it to my very first LAMQG meeting! It's about time, dontcha' think? I signed up for the guild over a year ago after I took Alissa's class at the Urban Craft Center but I managed to miss every single Monday night meeting and Saturday Sew all year. The Los Angeles branch of the Modern Quilt Guild hosts meeting on the first Monday of ever month. Up until this month they were held at the Reform School in Silverlake. And while Silverlake is completely hip, cool and usually relatively close to wherever I work I always found it impossible to make it to a 7 pm meeting. I am usually just leaving the office around 7 pm on a good night.

This month they moved into a new home on the Westside. Not only am I excited about their new proximity to my house, I am also stoked about the new 7:30 pm meeting time. Also exciting is their new home in the recently opened Sew Modern! Seriously this new quilting store rocks. The carry different fabric lines than the Urban Craft Center and they have different classes. Plus, as an extra added bonus they have a brand spanking new longarm machine named Harley! She's gorgeous and they're offering longarm classes and rentals! I am planning on utilizing both!

I will admit that I was a little intimidated walking into my first meeting. There were over 60 people at the meeting and everyone seemed to know everyone else, so I kind of hung in the back and observed the action. I know the more meetings I attend the more people I will meet and eventually I will fit right on in. I am really not all that shy but it's always a little weird to walk into a place where you feel like you're the only one who doesn't know anyone.

The meeting was great. All the first-timers, like me, introduced themselves to the rest of the group. They announced a Denyse Schmidt weekend in June and there was a show and tell where so many talented guild members showcased their latest and greatest. If you haven't checked out a Modern Guild meeting in your area I encourage you to do so. It's a great way to meet other like minded people close to you. I can't wait to attend the next one!


  1. Hey Hollie! Hopefully we'll see you on Thursday. It should be another fun meeting. Honestly we were a little overwhelmed - in a good way - with all the newbies at the last meeting. The change to the Westside meant that we jumped in size in our meetings by 50%! So much fun. We've now put a welcoming committee in place to make it a lot easier for the first timers.

    Hope you can make it out to the March meeting. Be sure to say hello if you do!

  2. Hang in there, girlfriend! I'm not a shy gal either, but its taken me a long time to feel comfortable too! The level of talent and excitement in the room alone can get intimidating. I hope you are coming this Thursday... Are you?
    (if you like, I'll save you a seat...)