Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got Questions for Jay McCarroll?

My friend, Jay McCarroll just launched an amazing new fabric line called Habitat for FreeSpirit. I'll be showcasing his fabric and interviewing him very soon so I wanted to open up his interview to my readers. Is there anything you're dying to know about Jay? About designing fabric? About Habitat? Send in your questions for Jay and I'll get them answered for you!


  1. Titally cool Hollie... I will have to think up a good one for ya... brain is still too decaffinated this morning :)

  2. oops... I meant totally cool... ummm hmmm

  3. Fun! I love Jay, he's definitely my fave P.R. contestant. His new fabric line is definitely on my wishlist.

    Jay's winning collection for Project Runway featured some patchwork design elements, and now since he's designing fabric, I've always wondered whether he quilts, or has in the past. I would also love to know where he gets his inspiration for his fabric lines, how he creates the artwork for his fabric (on computer/what software?), and what he's made for himself with his own fabric!

    Wow, so many questions. Sorry. I just kept thinking of more as I typed. : )

    Thanks Hollie, can't wait to read the interview.

  4. Oh how cool! Jay.. I think he is just so funky, and yet his designs seem so earthly. Maybe it is because I'm old, LOL. I can't wait to see what is coming next!