Monday, January 31, 2011

January Comfort Pillows

Phew, it's the end of the month and I'm so very close to being caught up on all y January bee commitments. All I have left to do is Paula's blocks for the Sewn Together Bee. Sorry Paula! I had planned to get to them yesterday when I got home from my work trip to San Diego, unfortunately I have had a nasty cold and my sweet and adorable hubby is feeling a little neglected with me running around the country for work so I will attempt them tonight, and that's a promise!

I did whip up my January project for
A Dozen Quilter's Bee on one of my few nights home last week. This month Patty asked each of us to make a comfort pillow for a woman fighting breast cancer. Her local quilt guild makes these regularly, but it was my first time.


A few months back I bought some of this fabulous Darla fabric. It is so not typically me but when I saw it I immediately needed to have it. It's been sitting in my stash waiting for the perfect project and this was it. Patty said we could send them unstuffed but I loosely stuffed mine when I sent it to her, but I didn't stitch up the opening because I wasn't sure if I had stuffed it enough. How loose is loose enough?


These pillows are a quick, easy way to make something to give back to someone in need. Check out Patty's super easy
tutorial if you want to make some comfort pillows of your own.

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  1. I love it! Very sweet and comforting! Sometimes I break from my usual fabric choices too ... especially with this sweet looking stuff :)