Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make Mine Modern

Yippee!!!! I have my super secret partner for the next round of the Make Mine Modern Swap (formerly Modern Swappers) on Flickr. For this swap we send our partners at least 1.5 yards of quilt store quality fabric, a handmade item and something for our partner to decorate their sewing space. Watch out partner, I'm stalking you!


I participated in MMM last round and I lucked out. I arrived home from my weddingmoon to the most amazing package from Julie. I don't know where she found it, but she managed to track down some much desired Kitty Yoshida fabric that I have been pining away for but it always managed to elude me. And on top of that she gave me some beautiful charm squares and this gorgeous green fabric. I guess she got the memo that green is my favorite color.



But that's not all! Julie made me this super gorgeous pillow that completely complements my living room aesthetic perfectly. She later admitted to me that she was nervous about what I would think of the pillow because the color palate got mixed reviews on the MMM boards. Well, it might not be everyone's cup of tea but it certainly is mine and that's all that matters. Not only do I adore it, my sweet and adorable hubby does too. I mean, seriously, to get both of us to agree is a feat. We loved it so much that I grabbed a pillow insert that was earmarked for another project and promptly displayed her pillow on our couch. We have a huge purple wall in our living room and an orange leather chair across from the couch so the colors in this pillow work perfectly in the room. She also included some of the beautiful fabrics she used in the pillow in my package so I could make something coordinating. And can I gush about her construction and stitching? It is amazing! Her handiwork is enviable!


So you think that would be enough, right? WRONG! (Yeah, I got spoiled again!) Julie also included sone adorable notepads, cards and a super cool water bottle that hubby tried to steal. Yeah, attempt totally thwarted. Seriously. It's mine. Sorry baby!


In turn I had a partner that I tried to spoil last round and when I got her name I smiled. I got the opportunity to make a package for Sylvia, who I "know" through the Red & Aqua 2 Bee. I don't know about you, but there is a little pressure when you're making something for someone with whom you already have a relationship. I have had a chance to see her work firsthand creating with her in our bee. Sylvia mentioned her love of Urban Circus and Heather Ross. She also mentioned that she was crushing a bit on yellowy green (yummy!) right now and she love to sail so she likes boat and water themes. I also knew that she was a knitter / crocheter.


I had one idea of a yarn bag / needle holder that I wanted to make her but I was dissatisfied with the prototype I whipped up so I switched gears slightly and made her a needle roll so she could hold a variety of knitting and crochet needles together. I chose some Heather Ross FFAII in a limey green for the roll.


And since I had some fabric leftover I made her a mini quilt that she could use as a mug rug or she could hang in her sewing space or whatever her little heart desired. I also made her a little pincushion using some of the japanese goldfish linen that I found in New York a while back. I thought that fit her nautical theme well. I added some orange hand stitching to match the goldfish.


I picked out a half yard of two "yellowy green" fabrics from the desired Urban Circus line by Laurie Wisbrun. And then I saw the newspaper boats from Heather Ross' Macaroni Love Story line and I got her a half yard of the boats and a half yard of the gods eyes. Unfortunately my Spoonflower order took a LOT longer than expected and I had to send off her package without those two cuts with the promise that they would be coming soon. And wouldn't you know it, those fabrics arrived at my doorstep the day I left for Asia, so I sent them to her when I got home.

Swap Package Received
(Photo by Sylvia)

To round out the package I also included a some yellowy green yarn and metallic thread, some clothing labels for her yarn creations, bamboo knitting needles, crochet needles, and some white cotton thread because who can't use more white thread? I hope Sylvia liked everything. I always feel like I could make more or better. I put too much pressure on myself because I really want my partners in my swaps to feel spoiled and loved. And I have to tell you that thanks to these swaps and bees I look forward to the mail for the first time in years!

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  1. Wow! Being either of your 'Super Secret Partners' would make anyone's day! Lovely creations, supplies, and overall fun-ness!!!