Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sewn Together June Block

I finally went back to work yesterday after a two month hiatus but I got a head start on the blocks I needed to make for June before I went back to the office. In the Sewn Together Bee Mandy asked for a Kaleidoscope String Block. Since I am very new to quilting and piecing (and bees) this was my first String Block. There was also an interesting choice of fabrics that came our way, not your traditional quilting cottons, oh no! Mandy sent us an awesome array of satins!

Sewn Together June Fabrics
Mandy's Fabric Choices for June

Paper piecing this block was so much easier than my other two attempts, mainly because it's an extremely easy block to paper piece. I did have one mishap along the way. Mandy wanted the green fabric to be our starting piece. She thought it would unify the quilt when it comes together. Well, I finished my last square and was getting ready to put the whole block together when I discovered that I had laid out the middle green strip incorrectly and it was at a slightly off angle. I freaked. At this point I had already cut the square down so I could salvage some of the strips but there was no way I could salvage the most important fabric, the green. Thankfully I discovered that I had enough of the green left to make one more square - but just - so I was able to save the block. Phew!

Sewn Together June Block
Mandy's String Block for June

I really hope Mandy likes the block. It was a lot of fun to make and I really enjoyed working with the satins. This block is now on it's way home to England. I can't wait to see the whole quilt put together.

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