Sunday, June 20, 2010

So I broke down and told my wonderful and amazing fiance what I was planning for the Sewn Together Bee this month. I decided it was better to let him in on the process for a couple of reasons. Mostly, I want to make sure he likes what we make for him. He has a very specific design asthetic that sometimes conflicts with my own and since this quilt is for him I want him to be happy with it. Also, I want him to know that I care and I am excited about making something for him, finally.


The funny thing, as we were looking at different quilt blocks he ended up liking this circle block that I had been planning to use for my other bee in October. I don't know why I had ruled it out for this quilt. Then I dragged my wonderful and amazing fiance to the fabric store (the sale is still going on!) to look at some fabrics that he would like. At first it didn't go so well. Nothing was calling out to him. It was all too girly so he just said to do whatever I wanted. Not what I wanted to hear! I offered to go to another fabric store - his idea of a perfect Saturday - but then he spied some faux wood Moda fabric from the Modascape line. I have to admit that at first I was a little nervous when he showed it to me. I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to use it but I got an idea.


I'm going to use the faux wood fabric as the background 12.5" x 12.5" square. Then we picked out more "manly" fabrics for the stripes. When I got home I edited out a few of the fabrics and then picked up some Kona solids to help break up the patterned fabrics. The girl helping me at the fabric store was very encouraging about my fabric selections. I don't know if she was just blowing smoke but it eased my mind a bit because I am still working at building my confidence when it comes to my fabric selections. Fingers crossed she's right and it will come together well!


  1. These are FABULOUS fabrics, Hollie! I can't wait to get my paws on them and help make your fiance's quilt.

  2. I am so glad you like them I am a little nervous about how they're going to come together. I'm putting them in the mail tomorrow!

  3. Hollie,

    First off, if this isn't a "manly" quilt I don't know what is??? Because the colors go together very well. I've been trying to find my guy fabric and just found castle peeps as the closest thing right now he likes.

    Also, my little swap with my friend is going well. I'll be sure to write how it goes. If it does go well, then I'll do it again and be on the look out for a buddy!


  4. You are doing a good job of adhering to the Process Pledge. The delimmas faced by quilters are numerous, but it looks like you are up to the challenge. Sometimes it just takes a while for an idea to "gel."

  5. Beautiful selection of fabrics!!! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)