Friday, June 18, 2010

Adhering to the Process Pledge Here is my Dilemma...

Okay, so I am new to quilting but I have decided to take
r0ssie's Process Pledge. I have tried to share about my process with my new blog and now here is my promise to continue to do so and more so. Even though I am a new quilter, and a new blogger, and don't have many followers (...yet!) that doesn't mean my process is any more or less important than a quilter with more years under their belt. I am facinated by the process in general no matter the experience level. There is always something to learn and inspiration to be found in another creative process outside your own. So I am taking the Process Pledge.

Here's the latest... When I was in Guatemala in April I bought some beautiful woven fabrics. Then I started kicking myself thinking about all the wonderful an exotic places I have been where I should have bought fabrics but didn't. So I took a vow to myself to start collecting fabrics when I travel and one day I would make an awesome quilt that reflected all the amazing places I have been.


So when someone in one of my virtual quilting needed to trade months I volunteered. It made perfect sense. I am going to be traveling for work the entire month of July so I figured it was better to sit back and let others make blocks for me since it's going to be a crazy month on the road without a sewing machine. And I had my awesome fabrics from Guatemala all ready to go. But when I pulled them out I realized that I wouldn't have enough to do what I really wanted with those fabrics. When I bought them, of course I should have bought more, but my intention was to create a quilt with fabrics from all my travels not just one trip. Sigh. So now I am faced with trying to pull everything together and get fabrics sent out for my bee before I leave town next week. I found two patterns I really liked. One was the plaid block that's the new block featured over on the Block Party! blog and the second is quatrefoil block I saw on Modify Tradition's blog.

I decided this quilt was going to be for my wonderful and amazing fiance since he always complains that I never make anything for him so I chose a block I thought he would like. I finally decided on the quatrefoil block and I started looking at fabrics that were his style but every fabric I liked for him was out of stock and on backorder. Rats! Then to top it all off I decided to show the quatrefoil block to him last night and I was met with a very lukewarm response. Ugh! So now I am faced with scrambling to try and figure out a new plan of action. I suppose I could do one of two things...

1) Make a quilt for my wonderful and amazing fiance and choose a block I did for another bee that I know he likes and run out to the fabric store tomorrow to find fabrics.

2) Make a quilt for myself. Use the quatrefoil or plaid block that I like and run out to the fabric store tomorrow and find fabrics for me.

What to do? What to do? Any suggestions?

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