Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yasmine's Quilt is Finished!


I started this quilt for my friend Yasmine back in February. I got the top pieced together fairly quickly but when I started to quilt the issues began. My dear little machine, which I love, was having issues with the new walking foot I bought. The two just couldn't agree. It was time for a tune up so I took her (and the walking foot) into the shop but new problems arose when I got her back home. She started breaking needles, as I blogged about earlier, and it was quite frustrating!


I ended up finding an amazing deal on a new machine, complete with all the quilting bells and whistles so I bought it. Thankfully this little workhorse did the trick and I was finally able to finish quilting Yasmine's quilt!


The only drawback was I didn't get the quilt finished before Yasmine had her baby. Yasmine and her husband Benoit welcomed their second baby boy, Maxim, into the world in March so I really should start calling this "Max's Quilt". Better late than never, right? I'm giving it to her when I finally meet Max this weekend. I hope she likes it!


Making baby blankets has been a long tradition of mine. It started when I was living in New York City and my friends Christine and Kevin were having their first daughter. That has to be almost 12 years ago now. Forever I crocheted baby blankets for my friends, and I'm not going to completely abandon crocheting but now that I have discovered quilting I've found a new way to express myself creatively and make awesome gifts for friends. And it doesn't hurt that it's faster to sew a baby quilt than crochet a baby afghan.

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