Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Set Bag

Messenger Bag #1
The New Set Bag

I've been bored while I've been off work and that means I've had time to concentrate on PROJECTS! Woo Hoo! So the other day I was wandering through my favorite little craft store and got the idea to make myself a new bag. I work in production so I always have, what I call, a "Set Bag". My set bag is a durable carry-all that I use when I am literally "on set" during production. It needs to be able to hold my laptop, clipboard, pens, walkie talkie, and every other little thing I need to have with me on a shoot. But my set bags take a beating and often get dirty so I don't want to take my nice leather purse with me. Just because it needs to be functional, durable and rough and tumble doesn't mean it can be cute too, does it? So I made myself a set bag. And I love it!

Messenger Bag
Close-Up on the Front Details

Messenger Bag
View of the Lining and Inside Pockets

Messenger Bag #4
View of the Back Pocket

But as I was finishing it I thought maybe I should give it to my friend Candi instead as a gift. I am helping throw her baby shower tomorrow so I thought it might make a great diaper bag for her second bundle of joy. She's having a little boy and I thought the colors fit her and her little boy-on-the-way well. I may just have to make myself another one. And one for my sister, my mom, oh, and my friend Alyssa who fell in love with it as I was making it. I guess I'm taking orders!

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