Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MMM Fall Package Catch Up


I'm playing more catch up. Way back in August I sent off a super secret package to my partner in the MMM swap on Flickr. I didn't want to post the goods until she received them but they had to travel a very long way, across the Atlantic to find their way home. Luckily, everything made it there safe and in one piece but the package arrived during all the craziness so I didn't get a chance to share it with all of you.


I was so lucky to be paired with Dorte. I immediately knew what I wanted to make for her as soon as I saw my pairing. She asked for something she could use for her sewing stuff when she travels and I initially thought about making her a travel sewing kit, but I also saw that she was obsessed with bags so I settled on making her a cool duffle from a pattern I saw in a recent issue of Stitch Magazine. I had been wanting to try this cute pattern for a while. I thought I could add some internal pockets to make it more sewing friendly, but I should have read the pattern all the way through before settling on this pattern. The way it's put together it leaves the raw edges exposed on the inside of the bag and I would have preferred for the lining to be used to hide these edges. And since the external fabric and the lining are put together like a sandwich, I wasn't able to add internal pockets so I added a second pocket on the opposite external side panel.


I also worked hard to track down at least a small piece of every fabric on Dorte's ISO list. The last one I found on Ebay the day before I was supposed to send her package, so her package went out a couple days late, but I don't think she minded. I also filled the bag with some goodies that might be harder to find in Denmark than here, like variegated thread and the latest copy of Stitch Magazine.


I really loved making this and searching out these fabrics for Dorte. Honestly this is one of my favorite swaps on Flickr and I plan on joining in the next round as soon as it's announced.


  1. Wow. What an awesome swap package and what a gorgeous bag. Lucky Dorte!

  2. love this hollie!!! as a lifer with the machine i'm so excited to see this blog of yours! yay!!!
    aunt sharon

  3. Wow! Awesome bag and great goodies :)

  4. Oohh gorgeous! this makes me look forward to the next round of MMM so much! Love that bag, fantastic job.

  5. That's a wonderful and generous package! :)

  6. Cute bag, and love those extra goodies

  7. So pretty! I especially love your fabric choices.