Friday, June 3, 2011

Kauai Recap and a Catch Up


The sweet and adorable husband and I had a wonderful time on Kauai last week. We returned relaxed and sunkissed. When we travel it's usually adventure travel to developing nations spending a month or more on the road exploring. This was very different. This was a vacation. We laid on secluded beaches, drank Mai Tais by the pool, hiked part of the Na Pali Trail. It was a little slice of heaven. I actually got through over 300 pages of my book. It felt so good to read again. And I even managed to get in a little sewing. I made these lovelies for my SUTK swap project while I was there...


And, of course, we did a little fabric shopping to add to our travel fabric collection...


The Hawaiian prints aren't really my thing but it was appropriate. I think the majority of the prints are going to go into a beach quilt and the leftovers will get added into the travel fabric stash because, frankly, I don't see how they're going to fit in with the rest of the ethnic fabrics we've picked up in our travels.

And to continue my catch up posts of pictures on that camera I was finally able to download I'd like to share the package I received from Shruti in the last round of the UHG Swap. Again, I am sorry that I am so late in sharing everything. Shruti took my love for solids and made me this colorful package!


She made me a really neat sewing utility belt that says "sew" and has three awesome pockets to store my scissors, thread, rulers, or anything else I need readily handy while I'm working.


Check out the cute little details...


And the detachable pincushion is so creative...


She also sent me a cheery mini quilt to adorn my sewing space and some cool fabrics from her home in India.



Thank you so much Shruti!

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