Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy Echino Pillow Cover

All of this Pillow Talk Swap stuff has inspired me. Quite a while ago my sweet and adorable husband and I picked up some Echino at Sew L.A. in Silverlake. His favorite color is purple and he loved the animal prints. The intention was always to make some pillows but I just never got around to it. Yesterday I made a trip to Joann's armed with several 50% off coupons to pick up a pillow form, among some other essentials (like a new can of spray baste) and I came home inspired to make him a pillow as a surprise before he got home. Now he really can't say I never make anything for him.


I kept this one simple and let the fabric speak for itself. Marc loves Africa. He's traveled the continent extensively and even lived there for a bit so this fabric seemed more than appropriate and matches out decor well. (Excuse the wrinkles, please. I am battling a bad case of insomnia and spent most of the night cuddling with this pillow on the couch so I didn't disturb the husband. At least it gave me a chance to catch up on all my blog reading.)


On the back I used some Echino cheetahs that I picked up recently at Momen +, an awesome fabric store in the South Bay that specializes in Japanese Imports. I trimmed the back with some Echino Polka Dots, again found at Momen +.


The pillow measures 20"x20" and it came together so incredibly fast. I finished it well before he got home. He actually asked if I could make several more just like it, Unfortunately I don't think I have enough of the purple animal print fabric to make more pillows this size - or maybe I can eek out one more. I do have so much other great Echino fabric in my stash, though, that I think I can whip up some coordinating pillows that will make him happy. I am debating using some coordinating Perle Cotton to hand stitch around the trees and flowers to add some texture and detail. What do you think?


  1. Totally love the idea of hand stitched details! Such lovely fabric...

  2. I love the idea of hand stitched details!!! I think they will look great and definitely add to the look you are going for :)

  3. Ohhh!!! This fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just awesome:) And I love your idea to add hand stitched details!!! I would say go for it!!!

  4. #1. LOVE the pillows!

    #2. How cute that your husband even goes to fabric stores with you. My BF leaves all of that to me.

    #3. Did you know that Jo-Anne's has an iphone app where you can download all their coupons. I don't know if droid or other phone services have them.

    #4. Is there a tutorial you use to make your pillows? Or can you give me some pointers? I'm really new to sewing and am not sure how to put one together...especially the back like you have made.


  5. I have nights like that too, it's a kindness to let Dh sleep and not have both affected, the pillow is delightful, I think the embellishments are great especially the purple circles it's got a sense of fun and is fresh and vital, great work.