Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Mail Day

It's a busy mail day thanks to me. I popped two packages in the mail destined for destinations unknown. Of course, I know where they're heading but I can't tell you yet. I promise for a big reveal once I know they have safely reached their new homes. The first one doesn't have too far to travel. It's destined for my secret partner in Round 5 of the Pillow Talk Swap...


The other one has to travel a little farther and it's on it's way to my partner in the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap...


I ended up wrapping all their goodies in the fabric I pulled to give to each. The large wrappings are half yards (except for the Park Slope - that's two large scraps) and the ties are either fabric scraps strips or ribbon. All are intended to end up in my partner's respective stashes. I really had fun making both projects. I just hope that my partners feel the same way!


  1. I love your use of fabric for wrapping the presents! What a fabulous idea!!

  2. I love the idea of using fabric to wrap all the goodies!