Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MMM Spring Package Received


I have been seriously remiss in sharing my amazing loot from the MMM Swap. A while back I took pictures with my little point and shoot camera and then I couldn't find the USB cord so the pictures sat in limbo. Then, this morning I discovered that my DSLR camera uses the same kind of memory card so I just swapped out the cards to download the pictures to my computer. I'll be catching up with those pictures this week but I'm starting by showcasing the amazing Mary. She was my super secret partner and she created an amazing package for me.


I had been wanting a sewing machine cover and she created this gorgeous one for me combining my love of circles and linen. The color choices she made were perfect too!


Part of the MMM Swap is including yummy, yummy fabric and there is no secret that I am in love with the Oliver + S City Weekend line. I love the colors, the patterns and the feel of this fabric. Seriously, it's soooo soft. I am hoarding this entire line and thanks to Mary I have more to add to my stash.


Rounding out the package she included some yummy Sees Chocolates (that didn't last the night!), a new seam ripper (that I LOVE) and some pins (which always come in handy). What an excellent package. Thank you so much Mary! I love everything! I promised myself to pull back on the Bee and Swap commitments but the Make Mine Modern Swap is my favorite so I'm joining in the fun and participating in the Summer round just starting up.


  1. Lovely package! :) That Cover seam ripper is THE BEST!

  2. Awesome goodies:) Love the fabrics but the sewing machine cover is stealing my heart!!! Lovely colors and print combination!!!

  3. that's crazy that Mary got you and I got Mary! small world hehe

  4. Love it all! that's a fabulous machine cover!

  5. Those are great. The little pin box is super cute. The candy wouldn't last long around me. Mmmm I miss See's.

    Oh and I spent over a year transferring my memory card from one camera to the other to upload pictures because I lost the cord. Well one day I happened to notice a little slot in my laptop. Yep. It took me a year to realize I could just insert the card into my laptop directly. Doh!