Thursday, May 12, 2011

Option #3 (With a Twist)

First of all I have a bit of housekeeping. B' was the winner of the Shades of Grey Fat Quarter set. Unfortunately she is a No Reply Blogger. I have tried to track her down through her blogger profile and own blog but haven't been able to find any way to contact her. B please leave a comment letting me know how to get in touch with you by the end of Thursday. If I don't hear from her I will pick another winner Friday morning. (*** EDITED - Because of the Blogger outage over the weekend I am extending her time to get back to me until Friday to be fair. ***)

That leads me into my second thought. There have been a whole lot of "No Reply" bloggers leaving comments lately. I try to respond to as many comments as possible so if you haven't heard anything from me you might be one of the No Reply Bloggers. I think that communication is one of the amazing things that the online community has to offer. That's why I try to respond to every comment. You never know when it's going to spark an interesting discussion or even lead to a friendship.

How do you fix it? Go to your Dashboard on your account page. Select "Edit Profile" and check the box that says "Show my email address" (and remember to save your changes). It's that simple.

No onto the WOW! I want to thank you all for the helpful input on how to quilt Nancy's Quilt. There was an overwhelming show of support for Option #3. Then my good friend, Natalie, of Threaded Mess, made an interesting suggestion. She thought about doing Option #3 and then also echo quilting around each of the stars...



I think she may be onto something, don't you? The only problem - I ran out of thread after my first star so a trip to the fabric store is in my future. Instead I got the binding prepped and ready to go.


All this quilting talk did spark some interesting debate. I had several comments suggesting that my lack of quilting might create a shorter quilt life. I had never thought about it. Does more dense quilting add a longer life span to a quilt? It makes sense. What do you think?


  1. I ADORE the print you selected for your binding!

    I definitely see where people are going with the longevity of the quilt correlating with the amount of quilting. I love love love the echo around your star and I am so glad you tried that out. If you wanted to add a little more quilting without getting too busy you could add straight lines on either side of your rows and columns. I'll send you a mock-up...

  2. ps - I also love the way you rolled up your binding. I have some strips cut for binding just folded up but this is a way cuter and convenient way to store it!

  3. I thought about suggesting the echo quilting around the star, but having just done one, and I do mean one, I kept to myself just because it was obnoxious. Stitch a little, turn, stitch a little, turn, stitch a little, turn, stitch a little, turn...
    ...but it looks fabulous! Guess it never hurts to share. :)

    I don't know about the durability. We need some long term quilters to pipe up. I only have one old quilt, that was very obviously used and loved. It is coming apart at the piecing seams, and the overall fabric is worn (so very very soft though) but I don't know if where it is quilted is worn more or less. I will have to go look.

  4. I love the echo quilting! What a great idea :) I am confused though about how not doing a lot of quilting will shorten the quilt's life (and are you really being that mean to your quilts?!) I am a total amateur though so I'm not saying they are wrong; I am just confused!

  5. the quilting looks magnificent and i now know exactly how i should quilt my aqua and red bee wonky star quilt :D YAY!!!

  6. The echo quilting around the star is a great idea.

    I can't figure out how to leave an e-mail if I want to use something other than a blogger account to comment ie. wordpress, typepad or the url of your blog... it's a bummer