Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nancy's Quilt is Finished


Look what I just pulled out of the wash...


My first commission is complete. Isn't it delicious? I really had such a fun time making this quilt for Nancy. Her brother recently welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world and this is her gift to her new little nephew. And I'm warning you now, I went a little overboard on the pictures.


The original plan for the back was plain Robin's Egg Kona but I was just a tad shy on the yardage so I decided to add large squares of each of the fabrics from the stars on the front to help extend the width of the Kona solid. And I'm really glad I did. I think it added a lot to the back and showcases all the fabrics really well.


I want to thank everyone who gave their input on both the layout and the quilting of this quilt. I loved all of the feedback. In the end Nancy won the Great Layout Debate (the quilt is for her after all) so the Central Park Zoo squares run diagonal through the middle and the subsequent rows are more orderly. As for the quilting, which sparked a little debate, I went with Natalie full force on this one. I favored Option #3 and then not only echo quilted around each star but I also echoed each long seam on either side.



I really love the patterns the quilting created. And I think on the next wonky star quilt (because I am sure there is another in my future) I may play more with echoing the stars both on the inside and out.


I think the binding may be my favorite part of the quilt, though. I think the orange dots provide the perfect amount of contrast and color to the quilt. I really am dying to run back to my LQS to pick up some more yardage for my stash. I think it makes a terrific binding.



Alas, I think completing this quilt brings my Wonky Star Madness to an (temporary) end. I hope Nancy is pleased with the final outcome and this quilt provides her nephew with years of warmth and comfort.


  1. it looks FABULOUS! I love all the shapes created by the quilting and the colors are perfect!! I'm pretty obsessed with the fabric you used for the binding. I need to get some but I don't think my LQS has any. I guess I'll have to hunt!

  2. The wonky stars are fantastic but I really love the back. Something about that Robin's Egg with the central park is so fresh.

  3. i love the color you picked for the back. and the quilting is fabulous :)

  4. I love this quilt...mmmmm...the gray..mmmm...the orange binding. Everything about it is amazing!

  5. I felt like I was stalking you last night--each time I would go to post your sideways mug was the last photo. You get around ;) Love the freeform stars and the cool fabrics, esp. the adorable novelty critter print. And the orange circle dot binding--perfect.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on both my blogs.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your first commission. Its a fabulous quilt. Love your colour and fabric choices. yes that binding fabric was an ideal choice. I personally love a good spot fabric.

  7. That quilt is amazing. You're right, the binding really adds to it and I love the quilting. Great, great job!!

  8. Star quilts make me happy :)

    I love the colors and the quilting and binding are just perfect. That is one lucky baby boy!

  9. Okay first visit to your blog and I'm wowed! I love your love for circles, and things that are not grandma's quilting. I can't wait to get some time to do an indepth sneek!

  10. Classic! Great job and nice photography.

  11. Love this quilt!!!! Love your blog....we have a lot of the same favorites!!

  12. This has to be my favorite quilt of yours that I've seen -- gorgeous colors and wonderful contemporary-meets-classic design. Congratulations on your first commission!