Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MMM Package On It's Way

Life has not settled down at all, alas I have been neglecting my little blog. That's not to say that I haven't been working like a busy little bee, indeed I have. I just haven't had the time, or the energy to write about it. The project I'm working on currently is killing me slowly. Even when I sleep I can't get rest because I'm dreaming about work. Don't you love stress dreams? So bear with me if I continue to post rather sporadically over the next month or so. It will be all over very soon, I promise.

The few moments I do get to sew are a respite for me. I completely threw myself full force into the project that is now happily on it's way to it's new home with my secret partner in the MMM Swap on Flickr.

Well, my cathedral windows aren't perfect but I am proud of myself for the effort and if my partner doesn't like the imperfect corners she can always throw buttons on to decorate and cover them. What I really love about this pillow are the fabrics. I had so much fun picking out fabrics with a vintage feel for my partner. I fell in love with them so much that I ended up using some of them in Ivy's Quilt and then I turned around and bought more yardage of each so I can eventually make a quilt for myself out of them. That's how much I love these fabrics. And I think the Kona Ash accents them perfectly. I really hope my partner feels the same.


I took a risk with the back of the pillow and used some Little Folks Voile. Voile can be slippery and difficult to work and it's also more sheer than a regular quilting cotton but I think it came together nicely and I am proud of the effort. And did you know that this is actually the first pillow I've ever made? (Well, if you don't count the one I made for Mother's Day in 1984 with the drawing of the dinosaur in fabric crayon on the front. I love you Mom!) I'm ready to start making more pillows for our home. They're super quick, easy and gratifying.


I also used some of the scraps from the vintage inspired fabrics I pulled for my partner to make a scrappy DSLR camera strap slipcover for her. I rounded out her package with some Little Folks Voiles half yard cuts and I threw in a bunch of extra goodies (that didn't make the picture) like thread, scissors, buttons, chocolate...


Swaps are fun but they can be stressful. I've participated in a lot of swaps and bees over the last year. I always try my best to please my partner and create something special that they really, really want. As always, I really, really hope I hit the mark and created something special for my partner. I did a lot of stalking and research and planning before I dove into my project for her. Now the waiting game is on. Fingers crossed she falls in love with it all.


  1. How could she not love all those goodies? You did a great job!!

  2. please... I am absolutely smitten!!! :)

  3. It's beautiful! I am sure your partner will love the pillow and the fabrics!

  4. Love it! What are the chances you are my MMM partner? Hmmm. :) I hear you on the stress dreams--they are the worst! Hope things start to slow down a bit for you!

  5. I so love this package!! Is it bad I am crossing my fingers and toes that is comes to my home!!!