Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Got A Commission!

One of my closest friends, Nancy, is an extremely talented wardrobe stylist. She gets to shop all day and dress people in commercials and television shows. Yes, Nancy can sew but she hates it. I suppose it's an occupational hazard. I'm sure it's no surprise that I think she's CRAZY! I mean, I can't live without my sewing machine. But then again, I look at sewing as therapy and creativity not work. (Even though it is sometimes.) So when Nancy commissioned me to make a quilt for her to give to her pregnant sister-in-law, of course I said "Yes!"

We hit Sew Modern to look for fabrics and talk through designs. I really dig the fabrics that Lauren stocks at Sew Modern. Nancy pulled some great prints from Kate Spain's Central Park line and she spied a wonky star quilt up on the wall of the store so we decided that would be a great pattern for a little boy. I am so on a wonky star kick as of late.


The background of the stars will be Kona Stone. A nice neutral that won't be too difficult to keep clean and will showcase the fabrics in the stars well, I think. It's my first commission. Wish me luck! I'm excited!


  1. Good Luck! You will do great!

  2. wow! good luck!!!! I am sure it's going to turn out awesome :)

  3. Good luck. I love the fabrics!

  4. Congratulations! It's fun to sew "on commission" - you sometimes get to try skills or fabrics you haven't yet - and you learn so much!!

  5. Good luck and congrats on the commission. It's awesome when you're talent is so appreciated.