Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchen Goodies Swap Received!


I completely lucked out in the Kitchen Goodies Swap. I also lucked out in the MMM Swap, but unfortunately I took pictures of those goodies on our point and shoot camera and I can't find the USB cord to that one so I'll update you about MMM later. As I mentioned before I joined the Kitchen Goodies swap rather randomly and at one point I was doubting my decision because I am seemingly over committed at the moment. But I am so glad I participated. Bek of [dreamfctry] sent me the most amazing package from Australia.



She created eight (...yes EIGHT!) beautiful linen and Echino placemats. I loved them so much that I couldn't even wait to take pictures of them - instead we immediately used two of them.

Check out Bek's handstitching!

And you know who else liked them? The sweet and adorable husband. Really?! I was shocked. He is soooo super picky. He thought they were cool. We can't wait to throw a dinner party so we can use all eight at once and impress our friends.


Bek also included eight matching coasters that are awesome and now permanently reside on the coffee table in our living room. Bek totally "got" me in this swap and I am thrilled she was my partner. Thank you so much Bek! We absolutely adore everything!


  1. wonderful package to receive - they look gorgeous!

  2. nawww you're soooo sweet!!! I'm glad you like them!!! I am so excited now that i can become a follower of your blog without it be 'suspicious' hehe, i have wanted to be a follower but didn't want to give myself up!