Monday, March 28, 2011

Village Quilt Progress

Thanks for the input on the do. Good Stitches Hope Circle's Village Quilt. I decided to go double sided and I think it's going to be cute.

I used Kona Silver to sash the "Big City" side. I'm also adding some yellow handstitching to the sashing to make it look like a real road.

And the "Enchanted Forest" side is sashed in Kona Grass...

And while I was piecing this I had to stop and admire the free motion detailing that Natalie of Threaded Mess added to her block. Seriously I was totally inspired by it. I am so scared of free motion quilting so I stared at the beauty of the back of her block for a while when it was on my design wall. The funny thing is, after I had admired the stitching and took pictures of it to show all of you, I started to clean up I noticed a note in the package that she sent to me apologizing because she got "lazy" this month. Can you imagine? I want my lazy to look like that! I think sometimes it's the beauty in the simple things that can be the most breathtaking.

Sorry for the short post. I worked late into the night yesterday and was up working again at 4 am this morning. Yikes! Stay tuned for the finished product very soon.


  1. you know I didn't even turn that block over and really look at it when I was done? I just flipped it when I needed to hide a knot and flipped it back over. It does look pretty good...thanks for highlighting it on your blog!

  2. your quilt is looking really beautiful! What a great idea....

  3. I'm blown away! This is going to be fantastic.

  4. Love the Village Quilt with all the interesting different blocks to look at. Lucy recipient!
    I was scared of free motion too till I got started & I think I'm hooked !!!
    Warm wishes from Dubai !