Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ivy's Quilt


Friday night my sweet and adorable husband mentions that he's going to be in Arizona on Thursday and wouldn't it be nice if he could bring a gift to his law school roommate, Joel, and his wife, Sarah, who just had their second baby. And wouldn't it be really, really nice if that gift was, perhaps, a quilt that I made. I can just whip one up over the weekend, right? My response, "Of course I can!"


So I pulled out the leftover fabrics that I chose for my MMM swap partner's project because I had quite simply fallen in love with them and I set out to make a simple quilt for baby Ivy.


The quilt came together quickly and as I worked I fell deeper and deeper in love with it. Seriously, how am I going to give it up?


I ended up busting through the majority of the leftover fabrics and even made the binding with scraps from my scrap bin.


Aside from being Marc's best friend, Ivy's parents are sophisticated and charming so these prints really called out "Sarah" to me. And this simple rectangular strip quilt seems so simple, yet cosmopolitan to me. I love the clean lines and how the strips showcase the fabrics.


Oh, and did I show you the back?


Sigh. I am so in love with everything about this quilt. This isn't the last time you're going to be seeing it I can assure you of that. I just ordered more yardage of each of the prints because I'm planning to make a larger version of it for our living room. All that's left for Ivy's Quilt is to be washed and then it's going to make it's way to Arizona tomorrow.


  1. It is beautiful! I am sure they will love it!

  2. beautiful! that's awesome that you were able to whip this up so quickly!

  3. I love it! I think you must be even faster than me.

  4. You did a great job! I love the quilt - isn't it funny how the "quickie" projects seem to come out so good? I wonder if it's because we don't have time to think about it too much?

  5. Gorgeous! Such a great sophisticated baby quilt! Love love love those fabrics.

  6. Is the fabric from a specific line, it's very pretty!

  7. Love this! Can't believe that you finished it so quickly!

  8. Wonderful! Love the fabrics and the layout. :)