Friday, March 11, 2011

LAMQG March Meeting

Last night I made it back to a LAMQG meeting and I'm liking it. I got quite a response from my post about my first meeting last month. I didn't mean to make a fuss, but several members from the guild contacted me about the comment I made about not knowing anyone. There was much reassurance that there would be greeters at the door to make the new people feel welcomed. Seriously, it was very sweet. And lo and behold there were people there to greet me when I walked into Sew Modern last night. Craig, one of the kind guild members who reached out to me via email, noticed my pink hair and introduced himself to me. I love the welcoming committee! I can't wait until I'm ingrained in the guild enough to return the favor.

This meeting was great. First, all the members who participated in the Robert Kaufman solids challenge showed off their amazing creations and we all voted on them in a multitude of categories. Seriously, there were some incredible quilts. It was really difficult to vote. I loved seeing all the creativity in the room.

Guest Speaker, Jacqui of Tallgrass Prairie Studio

Afterwards we all had the honor of hearing Jacqui from Tallgrass Prairie Studio speak about her process and share some of her amazing quilts with us. I have been following her blog since the day I learned about the online quilting community.


She brought so many of her quilts to show us and shared the stories behind each, and even got a little teared up at times. One of the highlights for me was getting to see one of my all time favorite quilts live and in person.

One of my all time favorite quilts... ever!

She has been a constant source of inspiration for me so it was amazing to have her here in person.


So I am officially now a dues paying member of the LAMQG! I can't wait for my next meeting.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you decided to officially join. It was great meeting you yesterday. I loved, loved Jaquie too... she's a rock star!

  2. Yay! good for you! The modern quilt guild as an organization is so wonderful! Glad you joined, I'm a member in Philly!

  3. You might suggest nametags - it's a great way to get to know people in a hurry - and if you use the ones with colored borders, you can give first timers a different color so the regulars know who's new! We use them in my sewing group all the time - some of us have senior moments and can't remember each other's names!

  4. Hollie, I was a member of the LAMQG till I had to move away (still sad), and I SO miss it! I'm glad you joined...your life will never be the same! :)
    Sarah, members are supposed to be wearing their nametags...everyone gets a plastic badge holder and gets to create their own. Super cool idea, except I forgot mine about half of the time. :/
    One of the very best ways that I got to know people was by going to the weekend sews. That honestly made ALL the difference for me. I'm not a very outgoing person by nature, so I didn't seek people out at the meetings. But the sews are totally different. Go! You'll really get to know some great people there.
    The LAMQG is really one of the greatest organizations of all time. I love them all to bits, and you will, too!

  5. hey hollie! i saw your pics on flickr, so i came to check them out here. awesome pictures! i'm sorry i didn't meet you at either meeting. i'm not the most forward, outgoing person in the world, but i'm trying to work on that! maybe we can meet at the next meeting. :)