Thursday, March 31, 2011

Round Robin Progress

The end of another month is upon us. I can't believe it's already April, I mean, seriously, folks, where is the time going? I have been able to finish all of my bee commitments for the month which is a huge relief for me, especially since I will have very limited sewing time this weekend because I'm flying to New Jersey tomorrow for work. I'll be shooting all weekend and then flying back home on Sunday. I am planning to take a couple projects that require some hand sewing with me so I can sew on the plane.

Over the weekend I finished up my round on Julie's center in the round robin. I added in some fabrics from my own stash that I think accent her color scheme.


I don't want to spoil the big reveal for Julie so I'm just offering a sneak peek of a corner I worked on...


The quilt is now off to Jorie now and in one short month it will be back home with Julie! I hope she likes it!

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