Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Terrie's Quilt Center is Off

Okay, so I've already established that February was nuts, right? Amid all the swapping and bees I'm also participating in Jewel's Round Robin for charity. I sent off my quilt center to Jorie last month and in return Terrie sent me hers.


I'm a Round Robin newbie so I quickly realized that I made some rookie mistakes, namely not sending enough additional fabrics with my quilt center. Honestly I didn't send much because I wanted to encourage the other participants to add fabric of their own to my quilt, but when I saw what Terrie sent along to me I saw the error of my ways. Forgive me ladies! And if you need more fabric I'll send it along to you!

My next challenge was to figure out what I was going to add to Terrie's quilt. Again, because this is my first Round Robin I wasn't sure if I needed to add dimension all the way around the quilt or if simply building out from two sides was adequate. In the end I opted for the former and added, essentially, a "ring" around Terrie's center.


Terrie had also requested the addition of solids to the quilt so I pulled out a bunch of fabrics from my own stash to add into the mix. I also had plenty of owl fabrics to throw in as well. Here's a sneak peek...


It's already on it's way to Jorie for her turn at it. I included some of the fabrics I added into the quilt as well. I hope Terrie is happy with the outcome. I can't wait to see the finished product!


  1. So cute Hollie. I only added three sides to Jories. It is just whatever you want to so as long as it leaves your house 5" longer and 5" wider. I actually added 8" to three sides of Jorie's :)

  2. I would love to do something like this. How fun!