Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red & Aqua Part 2 February Blocks


In my effort to play catch up this weekend I banged out some wonky star blocks for Briana Arlene in the Red & Aqua 2 Bee. She asked for blocks of any size, the only rules were to use the neutral fabrics as the background. These blocks were so fun! I could have made her a million of them and I would have made many more, but I ran out of fabrics. Bummer.


The first one I made for her I wanted to make on the small side. I really love the way small piecing looks when it comes together. I played around with the neutrals I used in the background of the block and I pieced the middle of the star with the same fabrics I used in the arms of the star.


The second block I made for her was larger than the first. I decided to utilize a bunch of the blue fabrics that she gave me to use. She had some awesome fabric choices including several from Jay McCarroll. I heart Jay's fabrics! I also played around with the center of this block and did some creative piecing.


Finally I ended up making her another small block. I didn't intend to make it the same size as the first block but I was running out of large pieces of her fabrics at this point. Again, I played around with the neutrals in the background of the block and I added in some of the gorgeous blue linen that she included in the pack.


I really love these blocks. Seriously, I think making them helped me fall in love with wonky stars. Honestly before this they weren't really my thing, but now I am totally digging them. I hope Brianna feels the same.

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