Friday, April 13, 2012

Sew Fun February Blocks


I'm still playing more catch up, and I fear I will be for a little while. Again in the new Sew Fun Bee I had my February blocks way overdue. I think part of my hang up here was my lack of browns and blues in my stash. I think I need to work on that. I ended up pulling out my massive scrap bin and dumping it on the floor to find just the right fabrics for these blocks.


Dustin asked us to make four traditional Log Cabin blocks for him. He wanted the center and each of the surrounding logs to be cut to 1" - meaning tiny strips. I love working with tiny pieces so this was right up my alley. Each block should end up around 6.5" unfinished.



The coolest thing about these blocks is the way he wanted us to play with color. Dustin asked for two brown blocks, one brown / blue and one brown / black or gray but he wanted us to set the contrasting colors on the diagonal. I'll admit I was a little confused by what he wanted from the brown on brown block, but another member of our group posted hers with a contrasting dark brown / light brown or cream combo and Dustin commented that they were perfect so I followed suit.


They actually finish over 6.5" but I wanted to give Dustin a little more to play with just in case. They were a lot of fun and my iron got a workout making these. Hope you like them Dustin!


  1. They look great, but all that brown would have totally thrown me too!

  2. those are really great looking. i love the color combinations.