Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've Been Tagged

I didn't mean to be away again for almost a week. So sorry folks! I ended up taking a last minute trip up north to see my family for my niece's birthday. I have been sewing a lot though, so soon I'll have some finishes to show. There's also a lot of other little stuff going on around here. The biggest news is that I finally registered my own domain name! Yippee! You should all be automatically re-directed to my new domain but in case you're not you can now find me at (just lose the blogspot). I'm also gearing up for another giveaway very, very soon to celebrate a few milestones, so get ready for that!

And finally, I got "Tagged"! Jill recently tagged me in a blog game I've been seeing around lately in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better. I was happy to be included. Jill answered eight questions posed by another blogger and then tagged a few of us and asked her own set of eight questions. I love playing games and getting to know people better so here are my answers to Jill's questions...

1. When did you start quilting?
I started sewing at a very early age and always wanted to learn how to quilt when I was growing up but never did. I saw a quilting class offered at a local craft store, just over two years ago, and I decided to sign up. Little did I know that the class was taught by the amazing Alissa Haight Carlton who turned me on to the amazing world of the quilting blogosphere and it was all downhill from there.

2. What inspires you to quilt?
I really get inspired by architecture, design elements and nature. I'm always snapping pictures of different things that turn me on and I want to replicate in my quilting. I think of quilting as functional art. I love clean lines and the modern aesthetic as well as curves and improvisational piecing. I find inspiration is everywhere I just don't have the time to make it all.


3. Do you plan your quilts ahead of time or just think as you go?
I do both. As I mentioned in the previous answer, I often take snapshots of details in everyday life that inspire me artistically. I also keep a journal to jot down ideas that come into my head or to plan out specific designs. That said, I also really love to work improvisation-ally. There is something so exciting about not knowing where you're going and just letting the creativity flow and seeing where you end up. It all depends on the project.

4. Where do you sew?
I am finally back in my studio space! Yea! (Doing the Happy Dance over here!) While I was in South America my husband got the electrical working out there again so I moved back. Before that I set up shop in our dining room, which was starting to irk the hubs, understandably so. My studio space is actually our detached (finished) garage. We've been using it as a storage space since we don't park a car in there. I finally got around to cleaning it out and getting it organized. It's not 100% there yet, but it's functional enough for me to work in there full time. 


5. What fabric do you dream about? (whether you own it or not!)
Well, my two all time favorite lines are City Weekend by Oliver + S and Kitty Yoshida's Brooklyn Heights in the Carbon colorway. I was early enough to jump on board and get the entire City Weekend line. It's still sitting in my stash but I have plans for it that I recently hatched. Unfortunately, I missed the boat on the Brooklyn Heights and, while I was able to snag a little of the line in a different colorway, I missed out on the Carbon. BUT I did have an amazing swap partner who sent me some fat quarters in Carbon in the MMM Swap. It's tucked away for safe keeping until I can find more or figure out exactly which special project it deserves.

6. Do you sew more often for yourself or others?
I definitely sew more for others. I rarely sew for myself and when I do those projects usually get thrown on the back burner in favor of the projects I make for others. A majority of my sewing is also for charity. It's something I'm very passionate about for sure. 

7. What's your favorite dream holiday / vacation?
If you know anything about me then you know that my first passion is travel. I don't think there is any place on this planet that I don't want to see. I know I can't see it all but I'm not going down without a fight! As for a dream trip, Marc and I keep discussing taking six months to a year off, renting out our house, buying a used Land Rover and driving the African continent from Capetown to Cairo. It will happen... someday.

8. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
I don't have a sweet tooth. I'm a salty / savory person but I DO love ice cream, so this is a hard question. Do I really have to pick just one? Well, I can't. I love Strawberry. In fact, we've perfected the art of making Strawberry ice cream here at our house in the summers. And nothing beats good, old fashioned French Vanilla. But I hate Chocolate ice cream. Weird, I know. I also love, love, love the new trend of savory ice cream flavors like bacon, lavender or salted caramel. Everything is better with salt. 

So now it's my turn...

Natalie of Threaded Mess
Flaun from I Plead Quilty!

And here are your questions ladies... (And I want the whys on these too!)

1) What is your favorite sewing tool?
2) What is your least favorite thing about quilting / sewing?
3) What is your dream project?
4) Which project has been the most challenging for you and did you complete it?
5) What skill would you most like to improve / learn?
6) It's your last day on Earth. What's your final meal?
7) Where is your favorite place that you've ever visited?
8) Who (or what) is your greatest inspiration?

Tag! You're it!


  1. Fun! It may take me a few days to get to it, but I will try!

  2. Yay! Those are great answers! Thanks so much for sharing. I chuckled at your comment about everything being 'downhill' from there. Too funny! Uphill! Uphill I say! I can still identify the moment and person that led me to sewing and eventually quilting. I think I should send her all my fabric bills.