Friday, April 27, 2012

More Catch-Up


I have been sewing quite a bit lately. And I started teaching. My friend Nancy is pregnant and she's my first official student. She's been coming over everyday and working with me in my studio. I'm teaching her how to make a quilt and I'm working on my late bee blocks at the same time. 


I mentioned before that I have fallen way behind on my bee blocks lately. I don't have any excuse, really and it's not like me at all. Back in January, in the Sewn Together Bee, Sarah asked for (unfinished) Mod Mosaic Blocks using this tutorial. In my defense on this one Sarah admittedly sent out her fabrics late and she said she wasn't on a deadline so we could take our time on them, so I let some other projects with higher priority take precedent. She sent along a variety of colorful scraps and pre-cut white strips so they came together easily. They're fun, simple blocks but mine did take a little time to come together because I'm a stickler for ironing my seams. 



Again in the Sewn Together Bee, this time for March, I attacked Melissa's Quilt-As-You-Go Blocks. She referred us to this tutorial for these blocks. I used a different technique the last time I tried quilt-as-you-go blocks, so I'm always up for trying something new. Her only guideline was two log cabin style, slightly wonky with one that goes from light to dark and the other, the opposite. These were super easy and came together really quickly. I like the idea of quilt-as-you-go because it cuts down on the bulk one deals with when quilting an entire quilt on their home machine, but I really want to see more of these come together before I consider making an entire quilt this way. 




Finally, while Nancy was plugging along with piecing her blocks, I finished up my March block for the Sew Fun Bee. The fabric for this block actually didn't arrive on my doorstep until two weeks ago. It was lost in the mail and I was freaking out, trying to think about ways to help Becky. I ended up having a fat quarter of one of the prints from this line in my stash, but thankfully the package finally arrived, already pre-cut, so I was able to bang this one out quickly. This block was so simple that I felt like I was cheating and needed to do more. Seriously, I think it came together in five minutes tops!


So, I'm getting there. I still have one more block for February and another for March left to finish so I can focus on April - which is almost gone already! Ugh. I'm almost there folks. Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Nice work! My favorites are the wonky log cabin blocks from Melissa's quilt: both the combination of slightly vintage style with modern fabrics and the light-to-dark and back progressions make for a stunning look. I am intrigued with quilt-as-you-go method as it looks simpler to my untrained eye and I like the (sort of) concentric squares look.

  2. :D They are fab!
    I have to ask though, do you know what that cat fabric is called on the last block?

  3. Cunning plan teaching and finishing at the same time :oD I always seem to leave one of my 2 bee blocks to the last day of the month, or near enough, and I don't think anyone's ever received their block back 'during' their month, as I seem to have a mental block about going to the post office til the start of the next month!