Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patty's Round Robin Quilt


As most of you know, a lot of my quilting is for charity. In October, at the end of our year-long cycle, it looked like one of my charity bees, A Dozen Quilters, might be disbanding. Then Jenny had a great idea: how about we do a round robin. I didn't have much luck with my first round robin last year, but I wasn't going to let that phase me. And I did end up getting my quilt center back (just in time too) so I, of course, said yes. I even ended up using the quilt center from my first round robin in this one so that quilt can be what it was intended... a charity round robin quilt.


This month I worked on Patty's quilt center. Christy added the first round and then sent it to me. I added the second round. I loved Christy's addition and didn't want it to get too busy so I kept with the Red, White and Blue theme and added 4" strips of varying widths all around the perimeter. This is going to be a cute summer-y quilt, dontcha think?


It's now safely off to Jenny for her turn. This is so fun! You can check out the ongoing progress of all the charity quilts at our group blog found here.


  1. That is such a fun quilt! Glad this round robin is working better!

  2. Fun! Hope this one makes it all the way round :o)