Monday, August 29, 2011

MMM Summer Package Received

Happy Monday my lovelies! I am so sorry that my posts have been sporadic as of late. I also can't believe that I missed posting last week's Little Stitches Sew-Along project. My real life has been a bit hectic and I'm being pulled in a million different directions. I wasn't supposed to be out in the field on this project. I was only supposed to be snugly in my office for the duration but things change and I was thrown a bit of a curve ball so for the next month I'll be trying to balance managing my team in the office as well as the teams in the field. Unfortunately being in the field means long days and it wipes me out. When I get home I just want to pass out. Please bear with my for the next month when things will eventually normalize.

Just because I'm working hard doesn't mean that there aren't wonderful surprises that end up on my doorstep to brighten my day. I received my package from my partner in the MMM Swap, which is really my favorite swap on Flickr. I received such a sweet package from the lovely Amber of Wambers Whimsies. She made me exactly what I wanted... linen napkins!


I love the purple she used to trim them. I know the trim gave her a bit of a headache but I so appreciate the effort she put into them! They're just perfect and they totally match the awesome place mats (that we use all the time) that Bek made me in another swap. Amber also sent me three favorite fabrics! You know I love me some City Weekend! And I also got some much loved fabric from Amy Butler and Kate Spain. She rounded out the package with a delicate necklace and a super cute City Weekend pincushion. I love it all!

My package, it seems, is still in transit to my secret partner. I'm just dying for it to arrive on her doorstep so I can reveal it to all of you.


  1. What a lovely package! Those napkins are going to be such a nice everyday luxury.