Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Sewn Together Block


July was Anna's month in the Sewn Together Bee and she loves trees so she assigned each of us a month, sent us some scraps and asked us to each make her a tree based on the month she assigned us. And I got December. We don't celebrate Christmas in our house, but I love that time of year because everything is so pretty and decorated so I was actually really excited that I was responsible for making a Christmas tree for Anna.


My first idea was to cut a more stylish tree on the fold of the fabric so I started sketching out half trees.


But then I suddenly changed gears and chose to cut 2.5" and 1.5" HSTs.


I pieced the 2.5" triangles together alternating rows of batik, tree lights and reindeer and I did a raw edge applique to secure it to the main block.


I decided to use variegated Green Gutterman 100% cotton thread for the machine stitching on the raw edge. I thought the green would add some color and dimension to the red fabrics while sticking with the Christmas theme. I then did a raw edge stitch around each of the 1.5" HSTs , circling each twice both for aesthetics and security. Then I used a variety of Pearle cotton thread to secure each onto the tree. I wanted to create a flowing, textured look.


Each was secured with a french knot and four stitches to simulate fairy lights in the tree. Each row the straight stitches alternate and either lay on the diagonal plane or the horizontal plane.



No Christmas tree would be complete without presents under the tree and friends and family surrounding. I imagine they're singing Christmas carols as they're joining together.


Then I hand stitched a star on top using two different Pearle cotton gold threads and again French knots and straight stitches.


I call it my Shabby Chic Christmas Tree. I really hope Anna likes it. I love trees too and am always looking for a good one to climb. I loved making this block. It was fun to let loose and let the imagination go wild.


  1. You put so much work into this fabulous tree! Thank you so very much. I love it! You do beautiful work. (giggling - like a little girl!)

  2. how sweet is that tree, i love the details...Lucky Anna!

  3. I love the fairy light detail!!!!! so cute!

  4. How creative! And so much fabulous work into a Christmas block from someone who doesn't even celebrate the holiday. Kudos! :D

  5. Love your block! It's going to such a wonderful addition to her quilt.

  6. Now that's creative. I love raw edge applique and this will be at the top of my list for Christmas.
    Barbara W JAmestown CA

  7. Love your creation. Thank you so much. I'm way behind on my Christmas sewing, but this is one I think I can make a couple for gifts.

  8. Very creative, super talent you have and thanks for sharing. This will be one I can make for gifts and not have to take forever to finish. Many thanks for a very pretty tree.