Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yard Sale Find

Last weekend was Yard Sale City in my neighborhood. It seemed like everyone was trying to unload their unwanted goods off on their unsuspecting neighbors. We love checking out garage sales. Most of the time we don't but anything but this weekend I found this...


Without knowing what what inside of it I scooped it up for next to nothing and took it home. At the very least I was intrigued by the vintage thread it contained.


Once at home I sorted through the treasure chest and found a plethora of vintage threads and buttons which was enough to make the purchase worth it for me. I'm planning to display the thread along side my collection of vintage thread I inherited from my grandmother once I get my studio organized.


Same with all the buttons. I'm envisioning a giant glass vase full of them. Of course, I will put them to use when I find the proper project.


Some of what I found was crap, but I'll add the vintage patterns to my collection and I love the vintage notions. They're showing some wear and tear but I still find them charming.




And, while some of the scissors are going right into the junk drawer (hopefully my husband will start using those instead of reaching for my precious sewing shears) I did luck out and I'm now the proud owner of a "new-to-me" set of sewing and pinking shears.


For some reason, this needle book from the 1940s might be my favorite thing in the box. I might frame it.


Not a bad find for a yard sale I think.


  1. isn't plethora a great word? fun and happiness.

  2. Such a great find! My mother had a set of pinking shears just like those... wonder what happened to them.

  3. awesome score! I love old sewing stuff especially wooden spooled thread:)

  4. Love the wooden spools of thread! That's very rare now days.

  5. That needle book is so cool!

  6. What a treasure! Such a good find.

  7. Love your finds! Everything was spiffy. Yes, I would definitely frame the needle book, too:)