Wednesday, March 20, 2013

QuiltCon Virtual Quilt Show: Minimalist Design

Welcome back to the QuiltCon Virtual Quilt Show. Today is the last competition category I have to show you and it's all about Minimalist Design. But not to worry, I still have some very special quilts to show you during the rest of the week.


Title: Pa Kua
Made and Quilted by Donna Morales-Oemig
Stow, Massachusetts, USA
Triangle Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: First Place Small Quilts Minimalist Category

Title: untitled
Made and Quilted by Lindsay Stead
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Winner: First Place Large Quilts Minimalist Category

Title: 2+2
Made and Quilted by Colleen Wootton
Clinton, Washington, USA
Triangle Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: Second Place Minimalist Category

Title: don't box me in
Made and Quilted by Tammy Vasser
Olathe, Kansas, USA
Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: Third Place Minimalist Category

Title: Helix
Made and Quilted by Nicole Neblett
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Triangle Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: Honorable Mention Minimalist Category
Title: Reflection Mini-Quilt
Made and Quilted by Josee Carrier
Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
Montreal Modern Quilt Guild

Title: Chopsticks
Made and Quilted by Silvia Glaubach
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Triangle Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Fractal Quilt
Made and Quilted by Megan Dye
Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Ash Transition in Fiber
Made and Quilted by Lavialle Campbell
Studio City, California, USA

Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild

Title: Elemental
Made and Quilted by Sue Clayton
Manorville, New York, USA
New York City Modern Quilt Guild

Title: Intersections
Made and Quilted by Alissa Haight Carlton
Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild

Title: Modern Mondrian
Made and Quilted by Constance Hudson
West Lake Hills, Texas, USA
Austin Modern Quilt Guild

Title: Right Here
Made and Quilted by Thomas Knauer
Utica, New York, USA
Title: You rule
Made and Quilted by Brigitte Heitland
Werther, Germany
Bielefeld Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Big Love
Made and Quilted by Nova Seals
East Lyme, Connecticut, USA
** I have done my best to find links back to all of the artists but have been unable to find everyone. If you notice an incorrect or missing link please let me know so I can update it immediately**