Tuesday, March 12, 2013

QuiltCon Virtual Quilt Show: Bee Quilts

Welcome back to the QuiltCon Virtual Quilt show. There are still so many spectacular quilts I want to show you. Today we're taking a look at the collaborative Group or Bee Quilts that are a staple in the Modern Quilt world. And I suppose I should add a disclaimer, a couple quilts in this group feature a word that some might find offensive. If you're one of those people, don't scroll down.

Title: Of the B.O.W.
Made by Krista Fleckenstein, Jessica Brown, Rachel Barsness, Heidi Elliott, Wendy Frieden, Susan MacDonald and Joan Christ
Quilted By: Krista Fleckenstein
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Anchorage Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: First Place Group or Bee Quilts Category

Title: Kelsey's Crosses
Made by Shea Henderson, Mary Workman, Melissa Leray, Shelly Hannon, Ruth Costa, Sarah Seitz, Leanne Cohen, Annette Samborski, Dena Wayne, Beth Shibley, Leah Day and Solidia Hubbard
Quilted By: Mary Workman
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: Second Place Group or Bee Quilts Category
Title: Confetti Amongst Friends
Made by Kristy Daum, Cara Elsas, Grace Nordmann, Jamie Mueller, Jessica Derickson, Juli Ann Donahue, Laura Cox, Lynne Miller and Mary Claire Goodwin
Quilted By: Kristy Daum
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild
Winner: Third Place Group or Bee Quilts Category
Title: Graphic
Made by Bonnie Lindblad, Linda Nussbaum, Kimberly Lumapas, Heather Davidson, Rachel Kerley, Nancy Stovall, Melanie Cho, Barbara Sanders, Katie Sciarrano, Jill Collins, Monica Solario-Snow, Anne Matlak, Cathy Fowler, Susan Beal, and Michelle Friedman
Quilted By: Nancy Stovall
Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Bee Imaginative Quilt
Made by Alissa Haight Carlton, Rita Hodge, Nettie Peterson, Ashley Newcomb, Elizabeth Hartman, Kate Dixon, Ryan Walsh, Amanda Sasikirana, John Q. Adams, Jacquie Gering, Heather Bostic, Kerri Horsely and Julie Herman
Quilted By: Alissa Haight Carlton
Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Define Circle for Me
Made by Krista Withers, Renee Witchard, Leila Beasley, Amanda Slee, Lynne Goldsworthy, Danielle Auckens, Justine Henshaw, Susan Sobon, Lil Fissiet, Yvonne Fordham, Alison Robins, Amy of House of Bad Cats, Lisa of Shiner's View, Jessica of Quilt Happy and Pioneer Valley Girl
Quilted By: Krista Withers
Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Connected to Jon
Made by Jacquie Gering, Rita Chu, Tracy Anderson, Jessica Kovach, Amy Ellis, Amanda Jean Nyberg, Devida Bushrod, Buffy Greer, Stefanie Lin, John Adams, Sarah Grainger, Amy Drucker, Lyssa Hoffman, Meg Evans and Audrey Smith
Quilted By: Angela Walters
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Chicago Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Hope Takes Flight
Made by Debbie Jeske, Debbie Martin, Chrissy Lux, Jennifer Spencer, Alecia Sharp, Rachel Hauser, Des Mecham, Evelyn Wells and Linds Sullivan
Quilted By: Melissa Richie
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Front Range Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Cancer Sucks
Owned By: Cindy Crowell
Made and Quilted by Bobbi Brekke, Heather Scrimsher, Laura Pearce, Jude Hubbard, Laura Brown, Michelle Brown, Mitzi Ann, Jessica Pierre-Aguste and Michelle Lamb
Austin, Texas, USA
Austin Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Give a F*ck
Made by Chawne Kimber, Rachel Lake McElwain, Lynne Goldsworthy, Ann Thompson, Alissa Haight Carlton, Serena Morgan Potter, Erin Michaud, Tina Marney, Kathie Boucher, Sonya Phillip, Megan McNeilly, Julia Frickert, Beth Copeland, Pamela Cole, Carrie Bishop, Kay Gardiner, Corrine Bayrakfaroglu, Daniel Rouse, Valerie Miller, Amy Sheib, Wanett Clyde, Sherri Lynn Wood, Molly Deschenes, Maritza Soto, Jeni Baker, Laura Soucy, Elspeth Kursh, Cathy Rumfelt, Beverly Waterman, Bertha Crowley, Rebecca Mongrain, Lynn Harris, Alexis Ortega, Megan Dye, Jacey Lucas, Jessie Spressart, Eling Chang, Maryse Roudier, Jocelyn Kabatoff, Amanda Hall, Stacie Dolin, Kristin LaFlamme and Monica Dunkley
Quilted By: Pamela Cole
Easton, Pennsylvania, USA
Title: Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild 2011 Charity Quilt
Made by Jan Durham, Bethany Imes, Carolina Moore, Darlene Takeuchi, Jeannie Whalen, Lee Centeno, Maria Hedrick, Marilee Forst, Mary Martin, Nichol Hardy, Patti Adams, Regina DeMatteo, Tami Bradley, Tracie Matsuo, Vic Heaton and Andrea Goddard
Quilted By: Andrea Goddard
Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Windy City
Made by Members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild
Quilted By: Angela Walters
Kansas City, Missouri USA
Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild
Title: Bee Mod
Made by Lauren Hawley, Shaina Jennings, Melissa Parga, Katie Arrington, Lisa Alexakis, Nicole Van Gundy, Jane Fitts, Natasha K., Kristine Tsai, Leslie Williams and Lori Lober
Quilted By: Lauren Hawley
Los Angeles, California USA
Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild

**I have done my best to find links back to all of the artists but have been unable to find everyone. If you notice an incorrect or missing link please let me know the correct link and I will update immediately.**


  1. I'm finding it interesting how so many of what I would consider to be the 'big guns' haven't placed in anything - I see a number of of them in here, for example. Not that I'm suggesting that fame should win you prizes, but as some would be what I would consider to be the founding fathers, it's interesting to note that their aesthetic hasn't apparently passed the 'best of modern quilting' test, no matter how many books they may have!

    1. Many of the 'big guns' were on the Board of Quilt Con and not eligible to win. They were allowed to show their quilts but not win a prize. I LIKE it!

  2. wow profanity in quilts! well not hilarious but "interesting".....
    great quilts though

  3. Boys these are very interesting. I really like them. Quilting has really changed. Very nice.

  4. I like the more eclectic look of many of these quilts, also some fresh, modern color palettes. I am particularly happy looking at Adrift, Bee Mod, Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild 2011 Charity Quilt, Define Circle for Me, Confetti Amongst Friends, Kelsey's Crosses (the varying scales of a repeating pattern in a limited palette are so modern!), and Of the B.O.W. (has a vintage modern look that I really like). Thanks for sharing these Hollie!

  5. THE COLOURS !!!!!!
    very interesting and new !!!
    bravo people and keep on quilting !
    beautiful work!!!!

  6. awesome...im so favorite this one