Monday, March 4, 2013

Marathon Quilt: Month Ten

Ten months have passed since I started on my City Weekend Marathon Quilt. This month I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped. Honestly, I lost a little steam in February but I'm hoping that I can recover my momentum in March. 


I also realize that I'm not using the fastest method to make this quilt. I'm using a ladder (or slip) stitch instead of a whipstitch to assemble the pieces together. I am sure this is absolutely the wrong method, but it's been working for me best because of the curves. I'm also okay with the slower pace that ladder stitching causes. There is no rush to finish, although I might have been a little antsy in February because I'm already percolating on and idea for my next hand-done quilt. 


March is longer than February, so let's hope I have more progress to show next month! Oh, and be sure to stop by tomorrow when I start the Virtual QuiltCon Quilt Show for everyone who couldn't make it to Austin.


  1. I'm just loving seeing this come together! Gorgeous!

  2. It's looking great, good luck for March!

  3. this is fantastic,well done.xx

  4. Looking absolutely great! Confession time, I also use a ladder stitch for my hexies. Makes me feel safer about my work, somehow. I like to backstitch corners for extra security, too.