Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Time Retail Therapy

I know that my posting around here continues to be sporadic and I don't see that changing until well into the new year, unfortunately. My job has been soul crushing as of late and I still have a couple more months of insanity ahead of me. Sadly, that means that I haven't been able to relieve my stress much with my sewing machine and I miss it. My sewing life has come to a screeching halt. Check out the sad little assembly line of diaper bags that I have going on in my dining room...


They're all cut, pressed and ready for sewing but they've been driving my wonderful and amazing husband crazy just sitting on our barstools, untouched for weeks. I can't blame him. So what does a girl consistently working until 2 AM do to help keep the creative juices flowing? Shop for fabric, of course!


I took full advantage of some of the Black Friday sales and scooped up a ton of fabric. Literally, if I weighed it all I think it would be a ton! Some of it was stash building but a lot of it has a purpose.


I am attempting to make my nieces dresses as a gift for the holidays. I picked up the super cute Kyoto pattern during a liquidation sale and I spent some time over Thanksgiving picking out just the right fabrics for each. I'm planning to make the same dress for both of them, just using different fabrics. Rilyn's is going to be green. I'm using the Urban Circus Giraffe print on the skirt and the floral green for the top. Then the cranberry Heirloom fabric will be the obi.


When I spotted the Pernillas Journey elephant print I knew that had to be Emerson's skirt. The yellow Heirloom print will be the top and the grey Silent Cinema print will be her obi.


I also picked up a couple patterns for myself. I know there is no way I'm going to get around to making anything for me until at least February but the patterns were on sale and so were the fabrics. Eventually I will make the Liverpool shirt for me. I just can't decide which fabric to use. What do you think? Heather Bailey or Jay McCarroll?



The rest are intended for the stash, although on a few prints I did order multiple yardage because I really want to use them to make myself some new dresses. I really want to get back to a little garment sewing in the new year. So I'm going to suspend Triple 'T' Tuesdays an the Little Stitches Sew-Along until 2012. I promise they'll come back. But I want them to come back when I can focus on making them regular and consistent postings. But I promise I'm not disappearing entirely until then. I'll be around. I think I'd go a little insane without my blog and all my sewing friends out there.


  1. Your nieces will be super stylish in those dresses. The prints you chose are right on. Although the print with the big flowers is more similar to the print in the pattern picture I think the graphic would make a more interesting style tunic. Happy shopping to you! I hope the work insanity ends well.

  2. honestly, I love the idea of the Liverpool shirt, and I love that HB print, but I don't think I love the print as a Liverpool shirt...I could be convinced otherwise of course. I'm not sure what colors you like to wear but I think this print might work: or maybe this one

  3. Oh, I've had that day job, and felt my creative spark getting snuffed a little more every time I set foot in the office... (this time last year actually!) Hope it gets better for you soon.

    As for the shopping, erm, I might have been in on that stocking up thing too (I have a fear that customs might actually have a Christmas party on me...)

    The dresses are going to look super cute, I'm sure they'll love them.

  4. omg that kyoko dress is soooo cute, Sophie needs one! (in all your spare time!) I like the top print for your dress but it might be a bit large scale for that look. :))

  5. Sorry to hear work is so busy...I know how that goes! Each year, there is always a month (or two) when I don't even get a chance to look at my sewing machine.

    I like the Jay McCarroll fabric for the Liverpool shirt. I think the colors can be worn across more seasons, and the print won't feel dated as quickly.

  6. Love the fabrics you have selected for the diaper bags, they are going to be great! I have the liverpool on my to-do list too. Actually, it's been so long, I might have used the fabric for something else - whoops! I think either of the fabrics you have chosen will be great.

  7. Nothing like some fabric candy during winter time! I envy your stash and think the kyoko pattern (and the yellow fabric with the birds used for the skirt) is adorable!

    Regards to the patient husband! ;-)