Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Munki Munki In Da House!

I have been lusting after Munki Munki since the first time I discovered Heather Ross' whimsical style, but I've never been able to get my hands on any of it. Not even a scrap. Yes, I could have spent $88 to get a pair of these pajamas but that seemed insane since I would just cut them up and turn them into fabric. But I lucked out at the recent Heather Ross Studio Sale. Unfortunately I didn't get there in time to snatch up a scrap bag of fabric BUT I did score on two deeply discounted sets of PJs and they finally arrived so now I have some Munki Munki of my own!


I have been in love with the goldfish forever. Seriously, they're my favorite. I am always swooning over them when I see them popping up in projects all over the place. And although I don't wear pajamas to bed - I'm usually just in a t-shirt and maybe some old sweats - I bought them for me to wear, just a little before I cut them up, because they make me so happy!


Then I got the sock monkeys in the largest size possible so I have plenty to spare, trade, use... whatever. I thought they were so cute and I am sure they will start popping up in gifts for my nieces and (soon-to-arrive) nephew.


I know I'm not usually the whimsical type but these just make me smile. I mean, how can you not? Right?


  1. I love the trim on the fish pjs! I have a yard of that print if you need some...we could work something out I'm sure :)

  2. so fun! i love those fishies too

  3. Oh I love those fishies too, fab idea with the PJs! Alas, I got on the quilting bandwagon long after it had gone out of print :o(

  4. Ohh golly I love these fabrics! you're good, Hol. Arden is just about ready to wear some of her stuff you made! I'll snap pics ASAP! xo