Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November Bee Blocks


I am so excited! My Echo packages are starting to arrive at my Sewn Together member's doorsteps. I can't wait to see these blocks come together. If you want some Echo of your own you can check out my Blog Hop Party post here or my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post here.


I did send off my November Blocks recently to their destinations. First of all in the Sewn Together Bee, Rick asked us for some Drunk Love inspired blocks. He sent us two prints to use as the center focal points in our blocks and then some batiks and black and white prints as well. He didn't care about size and said we could send squares or rectangles. And if you know anything about me I get excited about having this kind of freedom.


I love to improv piece! And I decided to make my first block a square but I really loved this small piece of green batik that he included in my package so I wanted to highlight it and build around it.


Since Rick gave us some freedom, I made a rectangle for my second block. And, although I am not a big fan of batiks, I really loved this one particular green batik and I wanted to showcase it in the second block, so I left it intentionally large.


I know I'm repeating myself but one of the things I really love about participating in bees is getting to step out of the box and play with fabrics and blocks that I usually wouldn't.


Then, for the Hope Circle, Rachel asked us to make two Ft. Macon blocks from a super easy tutorial she wrote. You can check out her great tutorial and the inspiration for these blocks here.


Rachel wanted out blocks to be in purple and blue so I pulled some fabrics from my stash and came up with these...



I can't wait to see both of these projects come together. These were fun and easy blocks to make. December is my month in both bees, so I can breathe a little easy for a moment.


  1. Yep, bees are definitely opening my eyes to new possibilities - normally I would also not be a batik fan, but then the ones I have locally wouldn't let me make blocks like that! So funky, and I think they would make a fab a man's quilt (which is handy, unless Rick is female!)