Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I got some great feedback and I promise I'm going to start implementing some of it starting immediately. Traceyjay and Lee both commented on the photos on my blog, and I have to admit that has been something that has been bothering me as well. When I first started this blog I was uploading photos directly to blogger and quickly realized that there was a space limit that I was quickly approaching. I didn't want to pay for more space so I started posting pictures on my blog via Flickr. I was always disappointed with the size that the photos were when they came through the "Blog This" feature but I never took the time to figure out the HTML option... until your comments came in and I took the time to figure it out. Problem solved! Thank you!

Then Addie (who actually knows me in real life believe it or not! She was one of my best friends in high school.) and Becky suggested that I post more consistently. That, again, was always my intention. I gave myself a goal of one post a day, Monday through Friday. Unfortunately life has gotten seriously crazy in the past couple months with the wedding planning (and all the things included in that) and wrapping out the current job while starting up a new one with a promotion to boot. So I do agree with both of you. But unfortunately the consistency won't come until the New Year, because I'm going to take a little blogging hiatus starting next week as I run off to Southeast Asia to get married.

I also loved Natalie's suggestion about showing my creations where they live in my home. Unfortunately I don't think I've actually made anything for myself since I started this blog but when I do I promise to show them off in my home environment!

I loved hearing all your suggestions and feedback and I'm committed to making this little blog of mine better thanks to all of you. Now on to the important stuff... the winner! Congratulations to lucky number 13!

A.J. Dub. said... I enjoy your blog quite a bit as is. You share all parts of your projects not just the good parts. :)I agree with Tracey Jay that blogs are what you make them. Just as long as you enjoy the process and it accomplishes your goals, you are good. December 3, 2010 4:07 PM

A.J. I'll be contacting you shortly and you'll be receiving your City Weekend charm pack very soon! Yippee!

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  1. Yay Yay Yay! Thank you!

    Um, I just learned something new too, I didn't know you could post from Flikr. Guess I need to do a little exploring. I also didn't know blogger had a limit.

    I also can't wait to hear about your adventure wedding!