Friday, December 10, 2010

Project Linus Quilt


So I have tried everything in the book to fix the problem with my Janome. I changed the needle. I cleaned her out. I removed the entire bobbin casing and put it back in. I re-threaded the darn thing. No luck! I am frustrated so I am stepping away from that machine for a moment and I'm pulling out my trusty Baby Lock. Thankfully I found the power cord this morning so I should be able to use Old Faithful to hopefully get some of these bee blocks out this weekend.


Through all of this frustration I wanted to share a ray of light. I realized that I never got around to sharing the quilt I made back in October for A Dozen Quilters Bee. October was Christy's month and she asked each of us to make a quilt to donate to Project Linus. Her daughter was on a ventilator when she was born and she received a blanket to keep her warm in the NICU from Project Linus. Her daughter still has her blanket today.

Here is my contribution to this wonderful organization...


I participated in a small charm swap in the fall and we all swapped pink charms. I used the charms I got in that swap to make this quilt. I cut each charm up into two 1.5" strips and one 2" strip. Then I cut the 2" strip down to two 1.5" strips and one center square that measured 2"x2". I mixed up the center squares with the outer strips and sewed all the charms back together. Then I sashed the charms in Kona Snow and adde an outer boarder in Kona Baby Pink.


I used some adorable cherry fabric on the back and the binding is a sweet pink and white fabric I found at my nearby fabric store: Lincoln Fabrics. I decided to keep the quilting simple and stitched in the ditch around the squares so it created a square pattern on the back.


If you haven't heard of Project Linus, you really should check them out. They provide blankets to sick children all over the United States. If you have time make a blanket and donate one to your local chapter. Hopefully this little blanket is making some child warm and cozy right now.

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  1. I thought of one other thing you should try...sometimes machines don't like certain threads. Try using a different brand. My aunt swears by the threads sold on